Make Mealtime for Babies Orderly and Fun

At six months, babies start their transition from feeding bottle to spoon.   According to child psychologists, the feeding training parents give their babies at this stage should not be left to chance because it involves cognitive learning, the initial steps toward independence, and the development of healthy eating habits later on.  What happens to most babies left to eat their first solid food on their own is that they get the notion that eating doesn’t need to be neat and orderly due to the mess created by the use of regular utensils.  

Spills and shattered dishware are part of the process as your child learns about food by feeling, squeezing and dropping it.  The baby also needs to learn the physical skills for eating – coordinating his body to grab food, put it in his mouth, then chew and swallow it.  The mess is likely to make it hard for your child to master these skills.

You can give your child a great start by helping it develop healthy eating habits early on.  When it’s time to get your baby to self-feed, keep everything relaxed and easy.  Encourage the baby to sample a variety of new foods, textures, tastes and smells without the distractions of flying utensils and spilled food.  In the process, help enhance the baby’s cognitive development by providing it with easy-to-grip bowls and feeding spoons that fit comfortably in the caregiver’s hands, while being gentle on baby’s gums and mouth during this transition from bottle to spoon.  Most important, the bowls and spoons should be child-friendly.

Avanchy Baby Stay Put Suction Bowls

Such feeding bowls and spoons are available at Avanchy’s Baby Dishware.  All these child-friendly items meet the most rigid Food and Drug Administration requirements and thus free from harmful chemicals such as Lead, Melamine and Bisphenol-A, a synthetic compound used in the manufacture of plastic. 

Most baby dishes are in fact made from plastic, which make them suspect insofar as child health is concerned.   Well, not the baby dishware from Avanchy which are crafted from bamboo.  Bamboo-based products are not only safe but also sustainable.  The feeding bowls and plates special designed for babies come with a suctioned bottom to keep them in place.  So no matter how active your child is when eating on his/her own, they stick to the table or high chair.

The Avanchy Baby dishware is designed precisely to make mealtimes easy for your baby and less messy for you.

Size Guide

Infant Spoons 

Baby Spoons

Length: 6.5" 
Width: 1" 
Weight: 0.6 oz.
    Length: 5.5" 
    Width: 1.5" 
    Weight: 0.6 oz.

      Baby Plates

      Toddler Plates

      Diameter: 7" 
      Height: 2" 
      Weight: 12.8 oz.
        Length: 8.5" 
        Width: 7.3" 
        Height: 2.2" 
        Weight: 13 oz.

          Baby Forks

          Baby Bowls

          Length: 5.5" 
          Width: 1.5" 
          Weight: 0.6 oz.
            Diameter: 5" 
            Height: 3" 
            Weight: 9.6 oz.