Corn, Strawberry and Banana Puree by @lunchesandlittles


Corn, Strawberry and Banana Puree

(Suitable for ages 6 months plus)

 Last week we purchased several cobs of sweet corn at the local farmer’s market, and this morning as I began to think through a new combination/ puree for our son (who turns 7 months today!), I thought the sweet corn would be worth a try for him too! … Sweet corn is one of my favorite sides, and this morning we learned our baby boy loves it too!



  • One and a half bananas, three medium-sized strawberries, one cob of sweet corn, and a splash of breastmilk or formula (if needed/ desired for thinning).



  • Take one cob of sweet corn; remove the husks and wash the cob. Then, cut off all of the kernels (I use a corn on the cob peeler, but a sharp knife will do the trick!). Once all of the kernels are off the cob, set them aside.


  • Next, take three medium sized-sized strawberries; cut the tops/ stems off, and then slices the strawberries into smaller pieces and set aside.


  • Lastly, take one and a half bananas; peel and slice. Set aside.


  • Steam corn kernels, banana slices and strawberry slices together. I steamed these for 4 minutes’ total. (Please note: I used our Nutribaby Baby Food Processor (by Babymoov) to steam/ blend the food, but you could use a stovetop pot/ steamer and/or food processor of your choice).


  • When soft/ steamed blend together, using a small amount of breastmilk or formula to reach desired consistency (if too thick). I only used a very small amount, as our consistency was almost perfect without the addition of the milk.


  • Serve to baby using your Avanchy Baby Bamboo Bowl and Training Spoon!


  • Freeze extra puree to serve at a later time.


This is an excellent-tasting puree (I tried it and it tasted wonderful)!  As I was steaming and blending, my husband even asked what I was making because it smelled so good! … You will feel great about serving your little one this blend of vegetables and fruits! For more puree recipes, as well as toddler meal ideas, and ideas to help make meals fun, visit @lunchesandlittles on Instagram! #Avanchy @Avanchyshop


Size Guide

Infant Spoons 

Baby Spoons

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Width: 1" 
Weight: 0.6 oz.
    Length: 5.5" 
    Width: 1.5" 
    Weight: 0.6 oz.

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          Baby Forks

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