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Avanchy FAQ



Materials, Safety & Care

Is it safe to receive orders during COVID-19?

Are Avanchy dishes microwavable?

What's the best way to clean Avanchy dishware?

What's the best way to keep Avanchy bamboo dishware looking fresh and new?

What kind of stainless steel is used in Avanchy products?

Can I put Avanchy dishes into a dishwasher, sterilizer, or steam cleaner?

Are Avanchy products made from safe materials?

Are Avanchy products earth-friendly?

Where does Avanchy get its bamboo from?

Is Avanchy FDA approved?

How are Avanchy bamboo dishes made?

Where are Avanchy products made?

What makes silicone better than plastic?

What is the bamboo coated with?

Does the bamboo have any fillers?

Are these dishes BPA free, Melamine Free, Lead Free and Phthalate Free?

Best Practices & Tips

What are Avanchy Rainbow Gift Sets?

Are your dishes designed for specific ages?

What's the best way to position my Avanchy suction dish?

How can I get maximum suction from my Avanchy dish?

How do I remove my suction dish from a surface?

How do I convert my Avanchy baby bowl into a serving bowl?

Are the silicone rings interchangeable?

Why do the sectioned plates have different-sized sections?


How to I get International Flat Rate Shipping?

Do you ship internationally?

I love Amazon Prime 2-day shipping. Does Avanchy offer the same thing?

Does Avanchy ever have sales or promotions?

Does Avanchy offer rewards or discounts?

How can I return/exchange an item?

Does Avanchy offer a warranty on its products?