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Mealtime made beautiful

Our Rainbow Collections are the easiest way to meet all your baby-feeding needs. And these collections make great gift sets. Custom-built for you, these Avanchy sets include everything you need and nothing you don't.

Whether you're gearing up to feed an infant, baby, or toddler, Avanchy's got you covered. Choose from our selection of beautiful and sustainably crafted bowls, plates, and utensils in the colors and combos you want.

What you get

• One (1) organic bamboo baby bowl with matching spoon

• One (1) organic bamboo Baby or Classic or Toddler plate with matching spoon

• Five (5) silicone Baby or Infant Spoons or Forks with organic bamboo handle


How to use

• Set your Avanchy plate or bowl so that the easy-release tab faces away from your little one.

• Activate the Airtight-Lock mechanism by firmly pressing your kids' bowl or plate onto a flat surface until you hear all the air come out.

• To release, simply pull the release tab. The suction piece pops off like magic!


• Stainless steel items: Wash in the dishwasher.

• Bamboo items: Wash by hand.

• Silicone rings: Remove ring for deeper cleaning of items separately. Separate silicone ring from the bowl or plate and wash in dishwasher or by hand.

Visit our FAQs for more information.


• Type 304 (18/8) stainless steel is thick, durable, and easy to keep clean.

• Bamboo is 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and coated with an FDA-approved food-grade varnish.

• Antimicrobial and antibacterial materials

• Plastic-free, BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free, and phthalate-free

• Nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and 100% safe for baby feeding

  • Mealtime made beautiful

    Our divided plates have been a big hit. So, it was only natural that we added a new item to our family of baby dishware: a divided bowl! 

    Why the dividers? You surely know that your little one needs well-balanced meals to support their health and growth. 

    But in today's hectic world, who needs one more thing to remember? Certainly not a busy parent like yourself! Divided baby bowls take the guesswork out of designing nutritious meals for children. 

    Each compartment of our Silicone Divided Bowl is strategically sized to help you offer the right portions of a variety of foods. 

    One of the smaller compartments features measurement lines for even better feeding control. 

    And we'd never forget to include our signature suction bottom for mess-free mealtimes. 

    This compact bowl fits easily on most highchair trays and is travel-friendly. Plus, a silicone baby bowl is lightweight, which makes it even easier to use on the go.

     Nontoxic, odor-free, sanitary silicone lasts for ages too. 

    Because our bowl comes in several colors, you can color-code your mealtimes. Feed Brianna from the blue bowl and Patrick from the pink one. Or maybe green is for Monday and white is for Tuesday. 

    And the airtight lid lets you prep meals in advance or store leftovers safely. 

    When life's busy, anything that helps you organize and systemize childcare makes life so much easier. Count on this bowl to help you feed your family in a flash. 

    The Avanchy Silicone Divided Bowl is suitable for children aged 4 months and up. 

    What you get

    • One (1) silicone divided bowl

    • One (1) storage/travel lid