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  • February 29, 2024

    5 Foods & Liquids to Avoid for Babies: A Safety Guide

    Introducing your baby to solid foods is an exciting milestone, but it's crucial to know which foods and liquids to avoid to ensure their safety and health. While Avanchy's eco-friendly baby dishware supports safe and joyful feeding experiences, certain foods and liquids should be kept off those plates and out of those cups. Here are five foods and liquids you shouldn’t give to a baby, along with safer alternatives.

    1. Honey

    Honey is a natural sweetener but it should not be given to babies under one year due to the risk of botulism. Instead, sweeten your baby's food naturally with mashed fruits served in Avanchy bamboo cereal bowls.

    2. Cow's Milk

    Introducing cow's milk before a baby is one year old can put them at risk for iron deficiency and intestinal irritation. For hydration, opt for breast milk or formula in an Avanchy petite silicone cup.

    3. Small, Hard Foods

    Foods like nuts, seeds, popcorn, and whole grapes pose a choking hazard. Serve safer snack options like soft-cooked vegetables and fruits in Avanchy bamboo snack bowls, ensuring they are cut into small, manageable pieces.

    4. High-Mercury Fish

    Fish high in mercury, such as swordfish, shark, and king mackerel, should be avoided due to potential effects on a baby's developing nervous system. Instead, offer low-mercury fish like salmon or tilapia, flaked appropriately and served on an Avanchy bamboo plate.

    5. Sugary Drinks and Juices

    Sugary drinks and juices can contribute to tooth decay and provide no nutritional benefit. Stick to breast milk, formula, or water for hydration, using Avanchy cups designed for little hands.

    Feeding your baby involves careful consideration of what foods and liquids are safe and nutritious. By avoiding these five items and choosing safe, age-appropriate foods, you can ensure a healthier start for your little one. And with Avanchy's sustainable, non-toxic dishware, you can make mealtime both safe and enjoyable for your baby. Explore our collection to find the perfect feeding solutions for your growing child.

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