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  • Counterfeit Product Alert June 2020

    Warning Letter on Counterfeit Products


    Dear Customers and fans of Avanchy products,


    It is confirmed that counterfeit (fake) website in Tmall is using Avanchy’s trademark logo and marketing images and fake products are sold in the China market. The registered company name is Chizhou Jiamo Children Appliances LLC, with the business registration number as 91341700MA2U90C549. And the related counterfeit entiy name of “Avanchy(US) Company limited” and trade mark registration of “Jianhu Xian Gangxi Zhen Da Ren Shang Hang”.

    Tmall store link is as followed:

    我們確認天貓平臺最近出現的Avanchy US旗艦店是在盜用Avanchy的商標、銷售圖片並且公然在中國市場銷售偽劣的貨品。天貓網店經營者為池州嘉墨兒童用品有限公司。企業註冊號為91341700MA2U90C549。与其相关的仿造的名称“Avanchy(US) Company limited” 和商标注册主体建湖县冈西镇达人商行均为恶意仿造伪劣的相关名称和主体。請參考以上截圖和天貓店連結。

    The counterfeit products show similar product outlook but poor quality . The manufacturing quality is not up to any sort of  product standard . Our factory has the manufacturing trade mark and have been through multiple products test internationally and in China.  Our quality is proven by years of use our customers and improvement from customer feedback. 

    偽劣貨品與Avanchy 類似,但是品質水準低劣。該類仿冒貨品不符合任何生產標準。我司的工廠具有生產方面的商標保護且經過無數國內外的產品測試,因產品銷售多年,經過客戶的長年使用並且持續改進保持優質的品質。

    Avanchy is taking proper and severe actions to cease and confiscate these counterfeit products. We have taken legal actions within the Tmall and Taobao platform and we are taking a legal process in China against the counterfeit source. Please be warned that selling counterfeit products are illegal and punishable by civil and criminal courts according to the trademark, copyright, and intellectual properties laws and regulations. Avanchy prohibits the distribution and marketing of the counterfeit products and reserve the rights to take legal actions against such acts.

    Avanchy已經在進行法律程式去嚴肅跟進和禁止該類偽劣產品。針對該仿製的Avanchy旗艦店,我司也天貓和淘寶平臺上以及在中國司法程序上對源頭採取法律行動。Avanchy也警告如涉及銷售該類偽劣產品,根據國內外的商標和知識產權法屬於違法。Avanchy 禁止該類銷售行為,並且對任何非法銷售和宣傳行為保留法律追究權利。

    Avanchy, together with our Greater China Distributor Kiddoland Hong Kong Limited (“Kiddoland”) issue this warning to all our customers and fans to avoid confusion and false purchase. Avanchy advices end-users to purchase only from Avanchy authorized distributors and retailers. In the Greater China market, our authorized distributor is Kiddoland and all our Chinese retailers have the authorization letter from Kiddoland. Please check carefully when you purchase.

    Avanchy, 與我們的大中華總代Kiddoland Hong Kong Limited(“Kiddoland”)給我們的客戶和粉絲發出警告信,以避免客戶誤會和買到假貨。我們建議終端顧客只在授權的經銷商和零售商購買。在大中華市場,我們唯一的總代是Kiddoland, 我們所有中國的零售實體和電商客戶都有Kiddoland的授權。請在購買時小心檢查。

     Avanchy US