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  • Testimonials

    “Excellent suction

    Not my 1st purchase of these, and I’m sure won’t be my last. Excellent suction to flat, smooth surfaces that even adults can’t break. Just make sure that release tab is out of sight- otherwise it won’t take long for the littles to figure out”


    A.C from


    “Great baby forks!

    Avanchy baby forks are great quality! The bamboo handle is strong and sturdy. The silicone is hard so it picks up food easily but it’s finished in a soft smooth plastic. My daughter has no problem handling these forks and feeding herself”

    Britt T from Macy's


    “Makes life easier

    So let me start out by saying this bowl has a suction. This makes my life so much easier now that I don't have to worry about spilling and bowls of food being knocked over. That's the best feature to me. The fact that it is made my bamboo seems to decrease the weight and it just an added bonus. I have bought 2 more for my nieces and they love it”

    Joyceelove from Target

    “ Beautiful Plates

    Good quality and beautiful. I didn't want typical baby plates with weird colors or animations. These look lovely, they're durable, and the suction actually works.”

    lilsarired from

    “ Good quality feeding spoons!

    I bought the infant baby feeding spoons when my baby became 4 months old. I like the quality and the colors. My baby likes to hold it and chew on it. The silicon and the bamboo stick are connected quite tightly and I feel comfortable letting him play with it. I will consider getting the other product from Avanchy.”

    toto from

    “ She can't flip this plate!

    I bought this set for my 11m old for her first plate. I was so afraid that she would flip the plate instantly, but this thing has STRONG suction! She loves her little plate. It's pretty easy to clean as well, as long as you rinse it right after feeding. We are happy customers!”

    Jess.2theg from

    “ High quality

    These are my go to spoons for my toddler. They are the perfect size in length and also the head of the spoon is the ideal size and shape and I love love that they are just stainless steel and silicone. I just bought the forks too and can’t wait to try them.”


    “ Very cute and attractive!

    My 5-month-old just started solid food and I picked these spoons as his first utensils. I actually have a plastic infant spoon, too, but he didn’t like it at all. However, he LOVEs these bamboo spoons so much and he willingly eats food with it! At this point the most important thing is for him to enjoy the mealtime, and the bamboo spoons are definitely facilitating his new journey in trying solid food. I am so happy that I bought them. They are not just cute; they are great mealtime buddies!”

    Jackaroo from

    “ Amazing travel bowl

    This bowl keeps my baby’s food warm when we’re on the road. Love it. Fits perfect in diaper bag”

    DeeLuv from