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  • November 28, 2023


    Blog Post: Avanchy Divided + Open Plates: Nourishing Bonds in Your Baby's World

    Welcome to the heart of Avanchy, where mealtime isn't just a routine—it's a shared experience, a moment of connection, and an opportunity to nourish not just little bodies but the bonds that make a family. Our Divided + Open Plates for Babies are more than just eco-friendly dishware; they are the canvas for building a community of mindful parents.

    1. Divided + Open Plates: A Canvas for Connection

    Avanchy's Divided + Open Plates aren't just about sections for food; they're about creating spaces for connection. Explore the joy of watching your baby discover the textures and flavors of a meal independently. These plates are more than tableware; they're instruments of discovery, fostering a sense of curiosity and joy in your little one.

    2. Safety and Love in Every Material

    Our bamboo and melamine plates are crafted with love and safety in mind. From bamboo melamine plates to bamboo plastic plates, each piece tells a story of eco-friendly choices. Join our community of parents who prioritize not just the environment but the well-being of their babies.

    3. Bamboo Plate Specialist: Sharing Wisdom

    Avanchy isn't just a brand; we're a community of parents who have chosen the path of eco-friendly living. As your bamboo plate specialists, we share insights, tips, and stories. Join the conversation where experience meets curiosity, and where every question finds a welcoming community ready to share wisdom.

    4. Sustainable Living Beyond Plates

    Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond bamboo plates. Explore our range of toddler plates, baby bowls, and utensils, where each product is a small step towards a greener world. Embrace eco-friendly living not just for your baby but for the community we're building together.

    5. Your Journey, Our Community

    In the world of Avanchy, your journey is our shared story. From the first bites to playful dinners, we invite you to share your experiences and be part of our community. Connect with other parents who understand the challenges and joys of mindful living. Join our community gatherings, virtual or local, where the heart of Avanchy beats strongest—in the shared moments of parenthood.


    Avanchy's Divided + Open Plates for Babies are more than a dining choice; they are an invitation to join a community of parents embracing mindful, eco-friendly living. Together, let's make every meal an opportunity to nurture not just our babies but the bonds that define our community.

    Explore our range of bamboo and melamine plates, Divided + Open Plates, and more. Join the Avanchy community—a place where every parent is a friend and every baby a cherished member. Make every bite a shared joy!

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