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Christmas at home with your little one!

December 17, 2020 2 min read

Christmas is near, it's time to decorate the Christmas tree and start preparing everything for Christmas, be it trinkets, wreaths or mistletoe. You can make everything at home. Instead of spending all your money buying decorations, why not just create one? Plus it safer to just stay home at this moment. Decorate your home stylishly with some Christmas decorations that you can make yourself or with your little one that are easy to do. There is more satisfaction that you can get when all the Christmas decorations in your house are handmade by yourself and your family.

Fill your home with decorations

Although Christmas decorations are always prepared every year. But this time you can create a more special Christmas atmosphere. How to? You can ask your children to decorate the house together. This method will certainly make the Christmas atmosphere more lively.

Prepare special meals

Don't provide the same menu. You can serve special dishes with a different menu than usual. If formal dinners are usually a regular event, then at Christmas this year, choose a different theme. The BBQ concept will be an interesting choice that makes the atmosphere even more exciting or you can also create another menu with great plating that make it looks good!


Avanchy Bamboo Classic Plate


Prepare a playlist of songs

The right playlist of songs can make the Christmas atmosphere even more lively and fun. Prepare with a selection of interesting songs so that the atmosphere of the house is not boring.


Make a number of games that can be played together. Don't forget to include simple prizes for your little one, so that the game will be even more fun!

Exchange gifts

The tradition of exchanging gifts has become a habit from year to year. If you don't have any ideas what to give for your children or maybe you want to send it for your niece and nephew? let me suggest you ! Avanchy Baby dishware! It comes with many different colors! Like this one, a great color for Christmas! Avanchy have worldwide shipping that helps you send the gift to anywhere in the world with flat rate!

Avanchy La Petite Mini Silicone Bowl and Cup