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  • June 13, 2023

    As parents, we are constantly seeking ways to engage and stimulate our little ones, helping them develop essential skills while fostering their creativity and curiosity. When it comes to introducing solids and expanding your baby's palate, there's a beautiful opportunity to combine play and discovery. Avanchy understands the significance of this journey and offers a range of innovative products designed to make mealtime an exciting adventure for both parent and child. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of baby playing and discovering with food and how Avanchy's products can enhance this experience.

    1. Sensory Exploration:

    The process of introducing solid foods to your baby goes beyond mere nutrition. It serves as a gateway to a sensory wonderland. When babies are allowed to engage with their food, they experience different textures, smells, and tastes, stimulating their senses. Avanchy's suction bowls and plates are perfect companions for this exploration. The bamboo material not only provides an eco-friendly alternative but also introduces a natural element to the dining experience, further enhancing sensory engagement.

    1. Development of Motor Skills:

    Mealtime presents an excellent opportunity for babies to enhance their fine motor skills. Picking up finger foods, using utensils, and self-feeding encourage hand-eye coordination and improve dexterity. Avanchy's collection includes silicone-tipped spoons that are gentle on delicate gums and teeth, making self-feeding a comfortable experience for your little one. The slip-resistant suction base ensures stability, allowing babies to focus on developing their motor skills without the frustration of chasing their bowl or plate.

    1. Encouraging Independence:

    As your baby grows, fostering independence becomes crucial. Allowing them to explore food through play empowers them to make choices, fostering confidence and self-reliance. Avanchy's products are thoughtfully designed with removable suction bases, providing the flexibility to transition from assisted feeding to self-feeding effortlessly. The bright colors and engaging designs further captivate your baby's attention, encouraging them to take charge of their mealtime experience.

    1. Promoting Healthy Eating Habits:

    Introducing a variety of foods early on lays the foundation for healthy eating habits later in life. By making mealtime an enjoyable and interactive experience, you can encourage your baby to embrace different tastes and textures. Avanchy's divided plates are perfect for presenting a balanced meal, allowing you to introduce a variety of flavors and food groups. The sectioned design not only aids in portion control but also makes it easier for your little one to explore and try different foods.

    1. Creating Bonding Moments:

    Mealtime provides an opportunity for bonding and nurturing a positive parent-child relationship. When babies associate food with joy and play, they develop a positive attitude towards mealtime, leading to healthier eating habits in the long run. Avanchy's focus on functional, aesthetically pleasing designs creates an inviting atmosphere for mealtime. The company's commitment to sustainability adds an extra layer of value, as you can feel good about using eco-friendly products while creating lasting memories with your child.


    The journey of introducing solid foods to your baby is an exciting chapter in their development. By embracing play and discovery during mealtimes, you provide them with invaluable opportunities to explore new flavors, textures, and sensations. Avanchy's range of thoughtfully designed products not only enhances this experience but also promotes independence, healthy eating habits, and bonding moments. So, let your little one embark on a culinary adventure with Avanchy, where food becomes a gateway to exploration, joy, and lifelong appreciation for nourishment.

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