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  • May 10, 2022

    Learning how to eat requires some spills and messes along the way. Your little one is bound to get a little dirty as they learn their way around exciting and colorful new foods. That’s where feeding bibs come in handy. When your child starts their meals with a comfortable and safe bib, you can worry less about the mess they’re making and more about experiencing developmental milestones with your child. Discover what the benefits of a feeding bib are with this guide.

    Make Cleanup Convenient

    Spills, thrown food, and other messes are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean cleaning up after your little one has to be a chore. Putting a feeding bib on your baby before meals helps keep their clothes neat while they eat. Once your child is done eating, you can just take off the bib, throw it in the wash, and get back to enjoying your day with your baby.

    Even better, silicone bibs can go straight in the dishwasher after meals. You don’t have to worry about running a load of laundry or getting stubborn stains out of cloth bibs when you choose comfortable, colorful, and flexible silicone feeding bibs for your baby.

    You Can Take It With You

    Making a mess at the table is one thing if you’re at home, but it becomes more of a hassle when you’re anywhere else. Fortunately, bibs are easy to roll up and stick in your bag before leaving the house. If you’re spending time with friends, letting relatives babysit, or enjoying a family outing at a restaurant, a feeding bib is an easy way to minimize the mess your baby makes while you’re there.

    Give Your Little One Room To Grow

    It’s a major milestone when babies learn how to eat solid foods, use utensils, and feed themselves. If you’re stressed about making a mess at the table, you can get distracted from what really matters: learning and growing with your little one. A major benefit of using a feeding bib is that you can stress less about spills and thrown food and focus more on making these mealtimes wonderful for your baby.

    At Avanchy, we sell all the bibs, dishware, and other mealtime tools you need to set your little one up for success. In addition to feeding bibs, our suction cup baby plates are perfect for keeping food in front of your baby instead of on the floor. Minimize messes and make mealtime beautiful when you shop Avanchy today.

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