Baby Dish and Utensil Gift Sets

Avanchy’s baby dish and utensil gift sets are the perfect presents for expecting mothers, new parents, or any family looking for organic, non-plastic infant dishware. We’ve created collections with every family in mind—whether you’re looking for a simple bamboo baby bowl or want several dishes, we have a kids’ tableware gift set for you. If you’re looking for a basic infant plate and bowl combo, choose our Avanchy Essential Dishes Collections.

Each Essential dish and utensil gift set comes with a plate, a bowl, and a spoon. If you want to brighten up your children’s tableware, our Build-A-Rainbow line features colorful baby plates, spoons, forks, bowls. The utensil and colors of the dishes you receive with your Build-A-Rainbow will depend on which product you chose. We currently offer several Build-A-Rainbow sets, including the Rainbow Baby Plus, Classic Rainbow, and Stainless Steel Rainbow collections. Whether you choose an entire dish and utensil gift set or purchase one of our simple sustainable baby dishes, you’re making mealtime fun and safe for your little one