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  • June 22, 2020

    Baby led Weaning is the practice of including various healthy foods to complement a baby’s diet of breastmilk/formula. The core idea of this plan is to introduce choice to a child aged six months or older.
    Introducing finger food at an early age helps children familiarize themselves with solids as opposed to purees. It gives them the opportunity to learn out how to bite and chew at an early age, but also provide the child the independence to eat at their own pace.
    The benefits of baby led weaning are plentiful. Here are a few:
    It helps children develop variety at a very early age. 
    As we know, a balanced diet is critically important to the development of human beings. Baby Led Weaning helps introduce children to more textures as flavors, as opposed to the restrictiveness of puree. These children grow up eat a greater variety of food and have shown to be less likely to have food allergies.
    It helps improve hand eye coordination skills
    By introducing things like cutlery at an early age, babies are able to familiarize themselves more quickly. Babies are incredibly quick learners, and the sooner we give them an opportunity to learn, to greater their progress.
    Click here to check out our incredible range of eco-friendly baby utensils!
    It is family friendly!
    Baby Led Weaning is something that can be shared with the whole family. When a baby is around a positive and encouraging environment, they may learn from their surroundings. Watching their family eat, can help the baby learn itself, and therefore become more confident!
    This process can help babies learn how different foods are eaten, and also develop some basic table etiquette.
    There is a lot more where this came from!
    Follow us on Instagram at @avanchyshop and keep up to date on the newest information on baby led weaning, healthy recipes, Montessori weaning, and other information on how to best support your child’s development!
    Learn more about our products right here at

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