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  • September 21, 2020

    We are so glad to announce that our Avanchy Stainless Steel Baby Suction Bowl + Air Tight Lid won as The Best of Baby Winner for Top Baby Tableware by The Bump!

    Quoting from The Bump's blog:
    "We’re head-over-heels for this baby bowl that actually stays on the table instead of the floor."

    And the Winner Is: 

    Introducing solid foods into baby’s diet is a fun but messy affair. Who knew throwing bowls full of puree could be so fun? For your child, that is. The ensuing clean up can be less than enjoyable for parents. So when you find a baby bowl that suctions to the table—and actually stays suctioned on—it’s cause for celebration. The Avanchy stainless steel bowl can thwart even the strongest and wiliest of babes; it has the best suction functionality of any bowl we’ve tested, hands down. Plus, it works double duty as a handy food storage container for leftovers. Let’s hear it for multi-use baby products!

    What We Love

    • A removable silicone suction ring keeps the bowl firmly planted on the table, even after years of use; to pick it up, simply pull on the easy-release tab

    • The stainless steel bowl prevents heat transfer, meaning the food stays hot and baby’s fingers stay cool; plus, the sides are nice and high for little ones learning to feed themselves

    • The bowl comes with an air-tight silicone lid so you can store whatever food baby didn’t finish; it’s even stackable, saving you precious fridge space

    • This durable baby bowl can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning and will last for years to come

    • Say buh-bye to gaudy baby tableware—the Avanchy bowl boasts a sleek, modern design that you won’t mind showing off on your dining table.



    Thank you The Bump for the amazing review and award, we are so happy to be featured in your blog!


    We are very pleased that we are trusted to receive this award from The Bump, our Avanchy goodies are here not only to be the best sustainable baby dishware but also to help make things easier for all the parents out there. All Avanchy's goodies comes with suctions bottom. Our stainless bowl comes with air tight lid and you can also buy our bundle where it comes with spoon and stainless plate!



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