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  • September 26, 2020

    Silicone baby food container are very popular among the parents. Usually some of them comes with a great warranty for its damaged products. However, it would be nice if you were still careful when using them. So you don't have to bother claiming the warranty, there are few tips on how to store and save your little one favorite silicone food container!

    1. Wash with a soft sponge

    Generally, Silicone is made of strong and high quality plastic. Even so, that doesn't mean you can wash it carelessly. The use of wire wool will make the surface renewable and dull quickly. Therefore, use a soft sponge and dish soap to clean it. Also make sure you clean the rounds of the lid and between the lid of the container so that it is free from germs.

    2. Silicone container Should Not Be Soaked For Too Long

    To get rid of leftover food crust, you can soak Tupperware in water. However, don't soak Tupperware for too long, OK! Soaking tupperware too long can peel off the outer layer. It's useless if the crust is gone, but the appearance of the Tupperware container is no longer attractive. Therefore, when soaking Tupperware, use a timer as a reminder of the time.

    3. Don't dry it under the sun, Use a Wipe

    sunburn is indeed effective for drying objects and killing germs and bacteria. However, this does not apply to Silicone food container. You should not dry it under any circumstances because drying it will only make the color of the container fade quickly. Instead, you can flip or dry the container with a microfiber cloth after washing it.

    4. Save Container and The Lid Separately

    After washing the container, most people will keep it with the lid so it doesn't get lost or scattered. Unfortunately, this method is not appropriate for treating silicone food container. We recommend that you keep the container and lid separately.

    This is because the smell of food has the potential to stick to the inside of the container. In addition, if you store it by closing it tightly, the lid on the container will be less tight, especially if the container is not completely dry. As a result, germs have the potential to reproduce. Therefore, from now on, try to make it a habit to keep the silicone food container separate from the lid.

    5. Do not Carelessly Use The Silicone Container on Microwave and Freezer

    Food container consists of various series with different materials and advantages. You need to know which materials can be put in the microwave and freezer.  Make sure you use the appropriate materials.

    6. Avoid Storing Colored and Strong Smelling Foods in Silicone Food container

    Unlike stainless steel, plastic is easier to absorb color and odors. Therefore, it is best not to store colored foods in Silicone food container for too long. If necessary, first wrap the food in plastic before storing it in Silicone food container. Storing foul smelling foods is also not recommended. The reason is, if you put strong-smelling food into Silicone food container, even after washing, the aroma will remain even more smelly.

    7. Avoid Pouring Hot Liquid in Tupperware
    Silicone products are safe for hot food because they do not cause reactions to certain substances. However, because they are made of plastic they can still be damaged if hot liquid is poured directly. When you pour hot liquid directly into it, the container will easily expand and warp.

    Damage caused by hot liquids is not covered under warranty claims, you know! So, avoid pouring hot food directly into silicone food container.  Let the temperature get warmer first, then put it in.

    Those are the tips for caring for your little one favorite silicone food container! but do you know which one is the best silicone food container for your little one? Let me show it to you.  Most of Silicone food container are using materials that is not going to cause reactions to food but some of them are, so be careful on choosing baby food container that are made by silicone. Avanchy Silicone Divided Suction Bowl is a great baby food container!


    Each compartment of our Silicone Divided Bowl is strategically sized to help you offer the right portions of a variety of foods.  One of the smaller compartments features measurement lines for even better feeding control.  And we'd never forget to include our signature suction bottom for mess-free mealtimes. 

    This compact bowl fits easily on most highchair trays and is storage-friendly. Plus, a silicone baby bowl is lightweight, which makes it even easier to use on the go. Nontoxic, odor-free, sanitary silicone lasts for ages too.  And the lid lets you prep meals in advance or store leftovers safely. 

    When life's busy, anything that helps you organize and systemize childcare makes life so much easier. Count on this bowl to help you feed your family in a flash!

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