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  • Halloween at Home!

    October 11, 2020 2 min read

    This year, Halloween is probably going to look a little different to normal. Under current coronavirus guidelines, new measures ban social gatherings of more than six people and police have the power to break up groups larger than six.

    So, when it comes to Halloween party ideas for your children, you're probably not going to be throwing a huge party and inviting all your children's friends. But if Halloween is still a big deal for your little one, who says you can't get together with your family at home and have a good Halloween time?

    If you’re looking for some fun things to do with your kids for Halloween this year, these easy Halloween crafts for kids are just the thing. You can sit down and do them together or they are great for Halloween parties too! Here’s some of the tips:

    1. Halloween Decorations

    Halloween are most likely filled with black and orange color, find something in the house that comes with that colors or have resemblance. To have even better decorations you can always craft your own pumpkin and of course ask your little one to join your craft time! Make a spider web using yarn, make a little bat out of paper, or even cover your white lights with yellow plastic to create the Halloween vibes.

    1. Clothes

    Everyone in the house should join the fun and dress up with any character they want, and for safety reason you can order it online so you don't have to go out! and if you don't want to buy new clothes, you can always paint and sew your clothes to match character of your choice.

    1. Food and Snacks

    Be the healthy host when you serve up any of these super fun Halloween snacks that are perfect for kids! Halloween can be fun and healthy too! Look at these healthy snack!

    Picture by:

    Picture by:

    Picture by Instagram: @shushgirmaria

    Not only you can serve cute and scary snacks but also healthy for your babies, and serve it with a nice tableware like the last picture from @shushgirlmaria using our Avanchy Toddler plate! You can have a great Halloween time with mess-free meal times with your little one because our Avanchy Toddler Plate comes with bottom suction! Don’t worry we have orange and black colors for the bottom suction and the spoon! We are ready for Halloween time!


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