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How To Create Mess-free Mealtimes With Your Little One!

September 09, 2020 2 min read

Lunch Time Can Get Very Messy!
Hi Moms and Dads, Your little one likes to eat messy? If so, you don't need to worry, because this is very normal. You don't need to be angry, because eating a mess is a process of child development. The process of learning to eat starts with putting solid food into your mouth using your hands. After that, the child will move on to use the spoon and fork while eating. Yes Moms and Dads, playing with food is actually a way for children to develop their fine motor skills!
However, habits like this certainly shouldn't be allowed to last too long. If you continue to let children play with their food, this can have a negative impact on the child's eating habits when they get older. Moms, try the following tips, to reduce messy eating habits in children:
1. Cut food into small pieces
Things like this will make it easier for the child to take it and put it in their own mouth.

2. Sitting together with the child
When you sit with your child, you can talk to them if they make a mistake. You don't have to get angry or yell at your children if they are playing with their food, give them understanding about it.
3. Find the right food container
When your little one like to get messy with their food, find the best food container for them. Not only BPA free but the food container also need to be stable, not easy to break, and even better if it can be attached to the table. Avanchy is one of the best brand for sustainable baby dishware that fits all the criteria, all Avanchy's dishware all come with suction bottom for mess-free mealtimes. 
Avanchy Bamboo Suction Baby Plate with Spoon
Look at that beautiful bamboo baby plate!  Not only bamboo plate, Avanchy also have stainless and silicone bowl that comes with the spoon and every dishware comes with many different colors bottom suction!
So now Moms and Dads, the main thing when teaching children how to eat by themselves is parental patience. No need to be upset when your child spills food or the table gets messy, because this is a process so that he can eat well later. In addition, you should set a regular meal time every day so that children can learn to be disciplined. Also set the time to eat no more than 30 minutes, so that it is more optimal. Some of these things can teach your little one the ability to learn independently and consistently.
The moment to teach children to eat by themselves is something special. So, make sure this moment is a fun time between parents and children.